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Proprietary content development strategy.

Display business or personal information in a prominent, accessible manor.

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CleanSearch® Reputation Repair

Clean Search Results Are Priceless!

CleanSearch® is a Registered Trademark.

Google and other search engines measure "percentages" of associated data.  Our service is designed to accumulate a plurality of associated content.

Maintaining a clean online reputation
In today's environment takes top-notch IT skills and an array of PR and search engine skills.  This is all we have done for 16 years, we wrote some of the original verbiage utilized by Wiki, Google, and numerous publications.  We are confident service provides the most efficient professional and technically proficient service available. 

Real reputation management includes a constant press agent focused on the aspects related to your business.


If you are unfortunate enough to be associated with a® listing or negative review, and a consumer has seen your name or business in the title or summary-text of that listing, chances are the damage is already done.

Few people will wait for the, or other server to resolve and research the material which may contain your rebuttal. Most will move on to your competition without ever clicking the link or reading the related material, your reputation has already been compromised!


Your Rebuttal Needs To Be In Public View!

We undersatnd how vital your search engine topography appears to the public. Managing press releases and newslettrers in a proper manor to affect your online reputation is key.

CleanSearch® delivers the most in depth online reputation management services and methodology's. Clean Search finds any activity regarding your name or business, and monitors the search activity associated with proprietary technology. This combined with a relevant and consumer friendly Press Release program is what gives Clean Search clientele the edge over competition.


Rebut the negative claims of the listing / report in the title and summary text of a nearby listing, or remove the ripoffreport® listing from public view. This results in a reduction of damages caused by the 'ripoff' listing.  CleanSearch® also facilitates the access of your 'rebuttal', if applicable.

For those who may have prior knowledge, and search specifically for an event or record. Example; we eliminate a disciplinary action against a Doctor, however, if a specific search for the action is executed, then, and only then, is your 'rebuttal' available for view, presented in a 'legal-style' environment to lend it veracity and impact. CleanSearch is 100% thorough, exploiting every aspect of consumer search and access to available material.


Reverse the losses now. Our damage control not only STOPS losses, but can reverse the trend of negative response!

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Proprietary Relevance Management Services

CleanSearch® services are enhanced by proprietary methodology developed from a combined 50+ years of technical education, practice and expertise. 


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Privacy  Why Use Clean-Search?


What do we do?

What we are doing is creating relevancy.  In order to do so, we must create a plurality of data accessible for Google and other engines to absorb and assess what to deem relevant.

The frequency and dynamics of the negative associations determines the degree of positive content and activity needed to 'counter' or 'out-weigh' those associations.

Search results are affected when a plurality of associations, as measured VIA Google, occurs! 

This is the prime directive of every CleanSearch Service.

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